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Jinbao is the factory that makes the Selmer S80 copy, and a variety of stencils, including the IW 661, Oleg, Hunter, Jinbao also sell bass saxophones under its own name.

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International Woodwinds Model 661

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Tuyama ®

bass saxophone, Jinbao, stencil saxophone, Tuyama, Selmer Series II copy, Chinese-made

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Total Brass gives us perhaps the most honest, and accurate descriptions of these Chinese-made bass saxophones that I have seen to date:

High quality bass saxophone in Bb. Its excellent intonation and an easy playability make this instrument perfectly suited for semiprofessional saxophone players.

Tuyama ® TBS-271 Bass Saxophone in B flat

  • in Bb
  • low Bb and high F# key
  • body and neck: brass, lacquered
  • leather pads, stainless steel springs
  • adjustable thumb key
  • high quality mouthpiece included
  • high-quality case with backpack straps

produced in China, tested in Germany