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No Name Metal Sax

No Name Metal Sax

Here again is another saxophone-shaped blow accordion with no manufacturer’s name. Unfortunately like many of the Saxonettes that turn up, this little instrument is missing its mouthpiece. Also like many of the other blow accordions of similar vintage, this one too has had one of its keys broken off.

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The description that the seller provided for this no name metal sax is interesting, because it appears that this instrument is 2 inches shorter than Hohner’s version.

This is apx 15 1/2 inches tall. It is made of steel. The buttons that you push all open & close. The return spring for one key is missing. The top neck comes off and you can see inside. This does work when you blow on it it does work and the tone can be changed by the keys.

The difference in length is likely simply due to the fact that this is an 8 key version of a blow accordion, while Hohner’s Saxonette is a 10 key version—12 if you count the 2 bass/chord keys.

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