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Hohner Electronic Toy Saxophone

Hohner Electronic Toy Saxophone

Hohner Electronic Saxophone, Play & Learn,
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When I first saw this Hohner Electronic Saxophone, I thought: Wow, this would have been fun when I was a kid. Sadly, for musical toys I had a Hohner Clarina, but I digress…

I had not been able to find out anything about this electronic toy saxophone from Hohner. The seller offered up no information, and Google hadn’t brought up anything either. The only thing I knew for certain is that it was part of the Play & Learn series–just like the Hohner Kinder Saxophon was.

However, as I took a closer look at the printing on the box, I noted that it showed a copyright of 1993, by Mei Fong Toy Co. Ltd. Taiwan. Additionally, it also included the Hohner product number 97.926. 

Googling Mei Fong Toy Co. Ltd Taiwan didn’t bring up a lot, but it did help a little. In addition to a couple of patents, I did find this company profile on

Mei Fong Toy was established in 1954. We mainly manufacture electronic toy musical instruments and export worldwide under our registered trade mark ” CROWN “. Specializing in original designs, electronics and tooling engineering, high quality QC system with EN71,HD271 and EMC testing approvals. OEM and ODM orders are welcome, Headquartered in Taichung, Taiwan, with factories both in Phils and China with 750 employees.

Company Profile

Factory Location  Dongkeng, Guangdong, China
Established in  1954
Capital  USD less than 500,000
Annual Sales: USD more than 500,000,000
No. of Employee  500-999
Business types  ODM manufacturer
                             OEM manufacturer
Markets              Northern America / Southern America/Caribbean / Western Europe /                                           Eastern   Europe/Russia / Mid-East/Africa / Asia / Australia/New Zealand

It is worth noting that the company has a 1* rating out of a possible 5. That might explain why we don’t see many of these Hohner Electronic Saxophones. 

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