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I have an extensive collection of saxophone resources that I have acquired over the years. My students always ask me for suggestions on books, so what I have done is compiled a listing of all the really good resources that I’ve used over the years.

If you’re looking for a place to start to begin expanding your sax library, check out some of my suggestions.

Reading Material

  1. The Art of Saxophone Playing by Larry Teal
  2. Developing A Personal Saxophone Sound by David Liebman
  3. The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Music Theory by Michael Miller
  4. The Sax & Brass Book: saxophones, trumpets and trombones in jazz, rock and pop by Brian Priestley, Dave Gelly, Paul Trynka, and Tony Bacon
  5. Haynes Saxophone Manual: The step by step guide to set-up, care and maintenance by Stephen Howard


  1. Selected Duets for Saxophone Volume 1 (Easy-Medium) Compiled & Edited by H. Voxman, Rubank Inc.
  2. Selected Duets for Saxophone Volume 2 (Advanced) Compiled & Edited by H. Voxman, Rubank Inc.
  3. Jazz Conception for Saxophone Duets by Lennie Niehaus

Method Books

  1. Rubank Elementary Method by N. W. Hovey
  2. Rubank Intermediate Method by J.E. Skornicka
  3. Rubank Advanced Method Vol. 1 by H. Voxman & WM. Gower
  4. Rubank Advanced Method Vol. 2 by H. Voxman
  5. Daily Studies For All Saxophones: Scales, Arpeggios & Tuning Etudes by Trent Kynaston
  6. The Saxophonist’s Workbook: A Handbook of Basic Fundamentals by Larry Teal
  7. Daily Studies For The Improvement Of The Saxophone Technique by Larry Teal
  8. H. Klose, 25 Etudes Pour Saxophone
  9. Universal Method for Saxophone by Paul DeVille
  10.   Sax Scales, Chords, & Solos by Woody Herman
  11.   Scales for Jazz Improvisation: A practice method for all instruements by Dan Haerle
  12.   Basic Jazz Conception for Saxophone Vol. 1 by Lennie Niehaus
  13.   Basic Jazz Conception for Saxophone Vol. 2 by Lennie Niehaus
  14.   Intermediate Jazz Conception for Saxophone by Lennie Niehaus
  15.   Advanced Jazz Conception for Saxophone by Lennie Niehaus
  16.   Berklee Series, The Technique of the Saxophone Vol. 1 Scale Studies by Joseph Viola
  17.   Berklee Series, The Technique of the Saxophone Vol. 2 Chord Studies by Joseph Viola
  18.   Berklee Series, The Technique of the Saxophone Vol. 3 Rhythm Studies by Joseph Viola
  19.   158 Saxophone Exercises by Sigurd Rascher
  20.   Improvising Rock Sax by Pete Yellin
  21.   Improvising Jazz Sax by Charley Gerard
  22.   Jazz & Rock Saxophone: Sound, Improvising, Solos, Phrasing, Technique, Rhythm by Rainer Muller-Irion
  23.   Boots Randolph’s Rock & Roll Saxophone by Boots Randolph & Mike Shannon
  24.   Jazz Saxophone: An In-Depth Look at the Styles of the Tenor Masters by Dennis Taylor
  25.   Blues Saxophone: An In-Depth Look at the Styles of the Masters by Dennis Taylor
  26.   Amazing Phrasing: 50 Ways to Improve Your Improvisational Skills by Dennis Taylor
  27.   101 Saxophone Tips: Stuff All The Pros Know And Use by Eric J. Morones
  28.   Berklee Press, Blues Improvisation Complete by Jeff Harrington
  29.   Ultimate Funk Grooves: 92 of the funkiest sax grooves known to mankind by Ben Tompsett
  30.   Ultra Smooth Jazz Grooves by The Super Groovers
  31.   Jimmy Dorsey Saxophone Method: A School of Rhythmic Saxophone Playing Edited by Jay Arnold

Altissimo Studies & Multiphonics

  1. Beginning Studies in the Altissimo Register by Rosemary Lang
  2. Ted Nash’s Studies in High Harmonics for Tenor & Alto Saxophone
  3. Top-Tones for the Saxophone Four-Octave Range by Sigurd M. Rascher
  4. Saxophone High Tones: A systematic approach to the extension of the range of all the Saxophones by Eugene Rousseau
  5. Multiphonics for the Saxophone by John Gross

Play Along

  1. Saxophone Styles: Play along styles of Rock, Salsa, Reggae, Chorinho, Chamane, Funk, Soul, & Gospel by Jorge Polanuer
  2. Tango Solos for Saxophone: Play Along Tangos, Milongas, and Waltzes by Jorge Polanuer
  3. Music For Saxophone by Jorge Polanuer
  4. 14 Blues & Funk Etudes by Bob Mintzer
  5. Boots Randolph Nashville Classics by Music Minus One
  6. Boots Randolph When The Spirit Moves You by Music Minus One
  7. Any of the Jazz Play Along Series Vols. 1- 100+ by Hal Leonard
  8. Any of the Take The Lead Series by International Music Publications
  9. Any of the Jamey Aebersold Series Vols. 1-100+
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