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Carl Ludwig

Carl Ludwig Tenor

Serial #: 100XX
Finish: Lacquer

  Source: A friend of Bassic Sax

This D&J tenor was suffering from lacquer flaking when the owner got it. So in an effort to make the sax more aesthetically appealing, he striped as much of the old flaking lacquer as he could, and then just cleaned the keys and the top half of the horn with a rag. The results are quite stunning I think. Judge for yourself.

  Source: A friend of Bassic Sax

Make sure you check out the Carl Ludwig gallery on Bassic Sax Pix. To date I have also managed to find an alto that was being sold in New Zealand. Interestingly enough, it appears to have been a school horn of some kind. Sadly I can’t make out the etching on the left side of the bell, and Google wasn’t much help filling in the blanks either.

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