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Hohner Saxonett made by Jupiter

Hohner Saxonett made by Jupiter

When I first saw this Hohner Saxonett by Jupiter on eBay in September 2019, I really didn’t know what I was looking at. The term Saxonett is almost the same as the one Hohner had used briefly circa 100 years ago, to describe their saxophone-shaped blow accordion. Note that on the blow accordion there was an “e” on end of Saxonette. It should be also be noted that Hohner soon switched the instrument’s name to The Hohner Sax. (Likely so that it wouldn’t be confused with a clarinet-like instrument of the same name.)

Regardless of the name, the modern Saxonett bears no resemblance to Hohner’s blow accordion of 100 years ago. This Jupiter-made instrument is made of wood and looks like a recorder, but it has was looks like clarinet mouthpiece. 

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The Saxonett on eBay was clearly missing its bell. That didn’t stop someone from buying it however. I guess they buyer saw the 79€ price for a new one, and thought they were getting a bargain. 

Are all Saxonetts by Jupiter stamped Hohner?

Although the above Saxonett is stamped Hohner on back, I am not at all clear whether they all are. None of the other Saxonetts I have seen for sale, or available for order, mention the Hohner name. Perhaps this was a distribution deal that Jupiter reached for the German/European market? 

Poking around the Net I found some on Amazon. 

How does Jupiter list them?

As of January 2022, Jupiter Music still shows the JRS 700 as one of their products. It is listed as one the Speciality products. Jupiter notes that the previous designation was JRS-1010. 

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Here is the company’s description of its Saxonett:


The Jupiter JRS700 wooden saxonett is with clarinet mouthpiece mounted to a recorder body. It makes perfect link between a recorder and a saxophone or clarinet.

The wooden body gives it a vibrant and warm sound.

Key of C

Source: Jupiter Music

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