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Past Bands

Past Bands

First Cool Hive logo, microphone, bees flying around
First Cool Hive Logo by Pete Lochart

I was very fortunate to have been able to play with some not only very talented, but also very nice musicians during my time in Fredericton. While I played in many bands and with many players over my 8 years in the Maritimes, there are 2 groups that will always bring back fond memories.

Both First Cool Hive & Cesar Morales Y Sabor Latino, were a sax player’s dream come true. Both bands offered me interesting horn lines, great solo possibilities, and very supportive band mates. In both cases the lead vocalists liked the horn so much that they wanted to hear more of it around their vocals.

The sax player’s truism of “last hired, first fired” just did not apply with these groups. Kim, Pete, Tony, Charles, Amaya, Ceaser, Juan, Shea, Eddie, & Chris…I miss you guys!!!

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