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Modele D’Artistes

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Modele D’Artistes

Modele D’Artistes Tenor

Serial #: 36XX

Finish: Silver plated

Source: Ron Lohr

This horn is a bit of a head scratcher. I received an email from Ron in February 2010 asking if I could help him ID an approximate year of manufacturing for his Pierret tenor. This poor thing had literally been rescued from a trash bin. What makes this sax difficult to pin down is that it is to date the only example of a Modele D’Artistes that I have seen. I enlisted the help of trusted saxophone historian Pete Hales, and he too had not encountered this model before. Both Pete and I feel that this sax would have been built somewhere in the 20s.

Be sure to check the Pierret Gallery on Bassic Sax Pix. Any new Modele D’Artistes photos I come across while be uploaded to there.

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