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Julius Keilwerth Instruments
Black & Gold Finish
An eye-catching design, which will cause a sensation. As a renowned instrument maker the Julius Keilwerth company always strives to put the best precision instruments in the hand of its customers. But the company also considers it its special mission to make the finish of these instruments attractive. Therefore on request saxophones, trumpets, and trombones can be delivered in BLACK-GOLD finish. The bodies of these instruments are electroplated with black nickel, the keys of saxophones and the slides of trumpets and trombones are plated with real gold. To provide protection from external agents these instruments also have a baked-on lacquer coating. The BLACK-GOLD finish costs an extra 20% of the price of the basic lacquer finish.

Julius Keilwerth Instruments
If wished, Julius Keilwerth Instruments can also be made with a real gold finish. Price and delivery dates on request.

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Captions left to right:

Fitting the keys
Saxophone final assembly
Soldering trumpet [parts] together

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