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J’Élle Stainer Bass Saxophones

J’Élle Stainer Bass Saxophones

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Brazil’s J’Élle Stainer was founded by Brazilian instrument maker and inventor, João Luiz Da Rocha, who for years made bass saxophones under the names J’Élle and Stainer. He opened a factory just outside of São Paulo, and hired some former workers of Weril, a Brazilian saxophone manufacturer. Circa ’05, he decided to combine the 2 names together, and the J’Élle Stainer company was born.

J’Élle Stainer is the manufacturer of multiple styles of bass saxophones. When I began this research a number of years ago, I was sent information from the company about a couple of styles which may, or may not be available anymore. 

Given that the horns of J’Élle Stainer are handmade, it is quite possible that even if one or the other is no longer listed on their current website or Facebook page, it might still be available. If you are interested in any of these horns, you might wish to contact the company directly and ask about their availability. 

What makes things a bit more confusing, is that at as of the time of writing this—May 2023—J’Élle Stainer has two different websites, as well as multiple social media accounts.  The company’s original website has a Flash splash page that is no longer supported, but it is easy to bypass. The original website is located at: 

At some point J’Élle Stainer also created a new website using Wix instead of HTML. The new site can be found at:

The content of the two sites is somewhat different. That’s why I say, if you are interested in something that appears on the old site, contact them directly to see if it’s available. 

Oh, it is also worth mentioning that J’Élle Stainer’s tag line and original web address—below 65.4hz—refers to the tones below the low A on a baritone saxophone.

Bass Saxophones by J’Élle Stainer

Short wrap Low Bb Bass
Compact Bass
Low A French Wrap Bass
Traditional  Low A Bass
Vintage Bass

More to come…

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