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Martin C Melody

Martin C Melody

C melody saxophone, Martin Handcraft, tarnished, red cloth

Horn Specs:

  • Model: Handcraft
  • Serial #: 48XXX
  • Finish: Silver plate (under all that tarnish)
  • Features: Bevelled tone holes
  • Lacks: A front F key
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The Martin Handcraft C Melody along with the Gallotone tenor Photo by H. Kahlke Copyright 2009

This Martin Handcraft C melody is currently adding ambiance to my house, while waiting patiently for its turn at a restoration. I got it a number of years ago from a friend, in exchange for some saxophone lessons. I’m not sure exactly when, but I will have it restored one day. Unfortunately I don’t have many opportunities to play a C-pitched tenor; so this Martin C melody is not too high on the restoration totem pole at the moment (since I already have a straight-neck Conn that doesn’t get used).

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