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Adjustable Bass Stand

Adjustable Bass Stand

If you are like me, you do not want to wear your 18 lb. bass saxophone around your neck or on a harness when you’re practicing,  or perhaps even when you’re performing. While there is a great commercially available bass saxophone stand, the Saxrax Hi-Lo Bass Stand has some limitations. You cannot change the angle that you play your horn at, and the stand is not designed to accommodate playing while standing.

In the summer of 2010 I started using a new type of bass saxophone stand that was invented by Andreas Kaling. Andreas is a member of the German bass saxophone quartet Deep Schrott. A few years ago Andreas had an idea that bass saxophone stands should be multi-functional and adaptable. Not only should they be able to hold your horn when you are not playing it, but they should also be able to hold it when you are playing it.

Furthermore, to be truly adaptable, a stand should be able to be used when a player is sitting or standing. Because many bass players like to play their bass saxophones at somewhat of a transverse angle, Andreas thought that a transverse angle adjustment should be possible in both sitting in standing positions as well. All these various positions should allow the player to naturally interact with the saxophone, and not have the player have to fit their playing position to the placement of the horn in the stand.

Does this wish list of stand adjustments sound impossible? Well they are not. After careful planning, and consulting with a metal designer, Andreas developed a new bass saxophone stand that could do everything that he wanted it to do. Together with metal designer Ferdy Rose, Andreas produced this bass saxophone stand that can do all the things I mentioned. Using a heavy-duty cymbal stand as its base, this bass saxophone stand allows a player to sit down…

adjustable bass saxophone stand, bass saxophone player, female musician,

Photo by M. Margison © 2010

…and stand up.

adjustable bass saxophone stand, bass saxophone player, female musician,

Photo by M. Margison © 2010

The members of Deep Schrott all use the stand, and it can be seen in their recent videos. Check out this performance of the Kylie Minogue song Can’t Get You Out Of My Head.

Here are some more photos of the stand, including some shots of the details.

 Photos by M. Margison © 2010

Recently Andreas made some changes to the design of the stand, and uploaded a video of the new stand to YouTube. In the following video he shows you how to use the stand. (Both the old and new versions allow for the same range of motion.)

If you’d like to read more detailed information about this unique stand that Andreas and Ferdy designed, check out the bass saxophone stand page on his website.

These stands are not available through stores, and can only be ordered through Andreas directly. If you have any questions, drop him an email.

If you would like to know more about these very sturdy and versatile bass saxophone stands—and you’re too shy to ask Andreas directly—you can check out the Series of articles that I wrote about them for my blog. The photos you’ll see in the second article you come to are the same as these, but the rest are different.

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