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IW C Soprano Sax

IW C Soprano Sax

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When this modern C soprano was first released in November 2009, there was immediately a great deal of interest from those players who are lovers of all things in the key C. No longer would C soprano players be required to play vintage instruments and struggle with ergos from early in the 20th century.

The E&R C Soprano—as it was known in its first incarnation—was a design creation of Germany’s Benedikt Eppelsheim (the “E”), and IW’s President Laksar Reese (the “R”). Benedikt Eppelsheim is of course known for his very unique saxophones like the Soprillo, the Tubax, the low A contrabass, and the redesigned bass saxophone. Laksar Reese on the other hand, is known for his company’s full line of saxophones ranging from sopranino to bass, with his IW 661 bass saxophone, currently being among one of the most popular new bass saxophones in the world.

International Woodwind has recently taken over the entire production of this C soprano. The model has undergone some tweaking, and in the July 2011 the horn was reintroduced as the IW C Soprano Series II. It is only available by special order. 


C pitched soprano, International Woodwind, IW C Soprano Sax
IW C Soprano Source: International Woodwind Used With Permission

According to International Woodwind, the specifications for the IW C Soprano Series II are as follows:

  • Hand engraved;
  • Custom keywork;
  • Redesigned bore;
  • Modern intonation & scale;
  • Modern key work;
  • Keyed from low b flat to high F#;
  • Key of C;
  • Available in lacquer and silver plate.

 Source: International Woodwind  Used With Permission

Contact International Woodwind, for more information about this modern version, of a classic in the key of C.

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