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Boom Blasters Toy Sax

Boom Blasters Toy Sax

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The seller describes the Boom Blaster toy sax like this:

This 8 inch toy saxophone plays eight songs; it has an on/off and stop switches. The mouthpiece and other areas show some wear, but the sound is clear.

The Boom Blasters Sax was part of a 3-piece combo set from Summit Toys that included drums and guitar in addition to the sax.

Boom Blasters, Plug-N-Play, sax, drum, guitar, Summit Toys

How exactly these synced with your MP3 player I don’t know. I haven’t seen any specs on it. I tried Googling it, but had no joy. No success in finding a PDF of the instruction sheet that would have come with it.

The Boom Blasters toy sax, guitar, and drums were made in China for Summit Products Inc. of Trussville, AL. From The research I have done, Summit Toys was founded in 1995, and was acquired by Panline USA on May 19, 2014

Although Summit Toy’s website is long gone, I did find the following description of the company on

To create and market innovative products that kids want.

Safety is a primary focus at Summit. We are one of a select few companies that has a representative member on the Toy Industry Association’s Safety Standards & Technical Committee. Summit is a leader in the charge to improve toy safety and we have maintained an impeccable record of excellence. We are proud of the fact that we have never had a recall. This track record is one that we work constantly to sustain.

Alright, so Summit Toys was ostensibly big on safety. How button cells combined with 4 year olds was a safe, I don’t know.

Safety aside, I’m still not clear on an how these things were supposed to work. In the end I spent waaay too much time looking for an online PDF version of the manual that is visible in the original packaging below. 

The eBay seller of this “never opened”, Boom Blaster Sax shown below, did say  that it required 3, LR44 button cell batteries—which were included but not guaranteed. (This is stated plainly on the packaging BTW.) Hopefully these batteries were not installed in the toy, otherwise there would be a good chance this thing was non-functional anyway. 😉 

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