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Custom Bass Sax Case

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Custom Bass Sax Case

When I bought my 1922 Buescher True Tone bass saxophone in 2000 from Paul Coats, it was in desperate need of a new case. Because the bass saxophone renaissance had not yet begun, I did not have any real options for a replacement case available to me. I therefore decided to have a boat builder make a custom case for my sax. A fairly detailed accounting of the individual steps along the way have been on my website since it first got created in 2001—along with the original photos—however, I thought this new revamped version of the site should have some new, detailed photos included as well.

Although vintage bass saxophone owners in search of a replacement case no longer have to go through the hassles I did, some are still choosing to build replacement cases themselves. Recently a member of the Bass Sax Co-op, Rufus Acosta, built himself a composite replacement case. I was in awe when I saw the work that he did.

A special “Thank You” to Rufus for allowing me to use these photos.

  Source: Rufus Acosta

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