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Pan American Curved 62M

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Pan American Curved 62M

In the fall of 2023 I decided to sell some of the horns I wasn’t using. Although this was a tough one to let go of, the truth was, since its overhaul in 2015, I have put under 40 hours of playing on this beauty. Plus, I found it a fantastic home.

The really good soprano player in the saxophone ensemble I started playing with in the summer was looking for a good horn. I brought it to 1 rehearsal, and he sounded better on it after 10 minutes, than I have sounded in the 20 years I owned it. Best part of all, he loved it. He also has a Conn 6M that he plays in a swing band, so this horn is a perfect fit for him. 

Pan American, Curved Bb soprano saxophone, silver saxophone on red background

Horn Specs:

  • Keyed to high F
  • Serial #: 43XXX
  • Finish: Silver plate with gold wash bell
  • Tone holes: straight

Set Up:

  • M/P: Bilger Gold
  • Ligature: Rovner Dark
  • Reed: Legere Signature Series 2 1/2

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