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Repair tech and saxophone dealer Kim Slava, AKA Doctor Sax, had the following to say, about the Pierret-stencilled Parisian model saxophones:

This sax was manufactured by Pierret after their flagship model “Competition1 [see below] of the early 1950s.

As far as one can tell only the keyguard feet differ from the Competition, besides the (improved!) left hand pinkie cluster. [Pinkie cluster from Artiste Competition.]

This solidly built model, with very good intonation and power throughout, attracted the attention of Santy Runyon who had Pierret stencil a few hundred altos and tenors with his name.

As you can see the major differences between the Santy Runyon horn and the Parisian lie only in the LH pinkie plateau and the fact the bell keys on the opposite side of the horn. Until recently, these horns have been mistaken — probably due to their solidity and tone qualities — with SMLs, another famous French manufacturer who stenciled for several brands including King.

This particular Parisian tenor [219XX below] appears to belong to an early lot marketed by Olds, whereas its sequel, the Parisian Ambassador was somewhat simplified, (e.g. lighter gauge brass was used for the body, posts instead of strong brackets in places, plastic buttons instead of mother of pearl) with the exception of the engraving which became more elaborate.

Compared to the later ‘Ambassador’ horns, this earlier ‘Parisian’ is a sturdier, professional model


F.E. Olds & Sons Parisian Alto

Serial #: 259XX
Finish: Lacquer with nickel plated keys


F.E. Olds & Sons Parisian Tenor

Serial #: 219XX
Finish: Lacquer with nickel plated keys


Be sure to check the Pierret Gallery on Bassic Sax Pix. Any new Parisian photos I come across while be uploaded to there.


1 Although Kim Slava refers only to the Competition model, what he really means is the Artiste Competition. The Competition model has the same post feet and unimproved left hand pinkie cluster that the Parisian has. The Artiste Competition on the other hand, has the features that Kim Slava refers to. You can compare and contrast both models on Bassic Sax Pix.

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