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J’Élle Stainer from Brazil is one of the most innovative saxophone manufactures on the planet. In addition to that, J’Elle Stainer is also the company that produces the greatest number of current production model bass saxophones. This is especially true if you take into account all the possible optional configurations available for order. Not a small feat when you consider that as little as 5 years ago this company was relatively unknown in the mainstream saxophone world.

J’Elle Stainer’s unique tag line and web address—below 65.4hz—refers to the tones below the low A on a baritone saxophone.

The company was founded by Brazilian instrument maker and inventor, João Luiz Da Rocha, who for years made bass saxophones under the names J’Élle and Stainer. He opened a factory just outside of São Paulo, and hired some former workers of Weril, a Brazilian saxophone manufacturer. Circa ’05, he decided to combine the 2 names together, and the J’Élle Stainer company was born.

Today J’Élle Stainer produces some of the most interesting and unique saxophones in the world. In the words of J’Élle Stainer’s Gilberto Lopes:

J’Elle Stainer is more like a research lab for saxophonists, where we create new instruments and are open to any idea of project…

This section of my site is dedicated to the innovative saxophones of a company that got its start thanks to a cutting-edge instrument maker with perfect pitch.

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