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Certain Martin saxophones are among the most sought-after American vintage horns. The low A Magna bari is without a doubt the most coveted American low A baritone out there. They don’t come up for sale very often, but when they do, they can go for top dollar if in good condition. The Martin, AKA Committee III saxophones, are not only aesthetically beautiful, but their sound is powerful, yet on the dark end of the spectrum. And the Master, AKA Typewriter, is arguably the most unique looking, conventional American saxophone built. With its type writer shaped keys it might look unusual, but its sound is all out Martin.

Martin saxophones shared a certain quality in their core sound that seemed to carry on through the decades. The earliest models had this sound, and it carried right on through to the end of the company’s production of professional horns. It’s hard to describe sound, but if you’ve ever played a Martin, you’ll know what I mean.

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