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Cheng Ching Blue & White Toy Sax

Cheng Ching Blue & White Toy Sax

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This electronic toy saxophone was made by Cheng Ching Toys, and appeared on eBay at the end of 2021. What caught my eye about it, was the fact that the keyguards looked to be inspired by what we saw on some of the Yamahas circa 1970s and early 80s

According to the seller, this plastic toy sax is 18″ long, and each coloured button plays a note. The model number is CS-730. This particular toy was described to be in “good” condition; in working order; with some scratches and wear due to its age. 

I tried to do some research on Cheng Ching Toys, and this toy sax particular, but pretty much hit a brick wall. However, if you Google Cheng Ching Toys in Google Images, you will come up with large number of battery-operated toys of all kinds—although at present this toy sax seems to be a one-off. I’m sure many more got made, but just not as many as the 747 jets or their various robots. Hence not as many survived, nor do we see them often in the vintage/used toy market. 

The only reference I could find for the Cheng Ching Toys Co. Ltd., is in the Taiwan Business Database. Given that Taiwan and China are different countries, I am a bit confused.

Chronologically however, it does track, so maybe the company had some of its products manufactured in China, since I did find other Cheng Ching Toys listed on eBay—complete with their original boxes—that are also stamped Made In China. At this point I am guessing that maybe the company had a factory in China.  

This is some of what the Taiwan Business Database shows for the company’s information:

Country: Taiwan
Address: 14Fl-1, No. 33, Chien Ping 17Th St., Taian City.
Contact: C. K. Huang
Product List: B/O toys, R/C car.
Classification: Leisure & Recreation Products
Category Activities: Toys, Parts & Accessories
Employees: 80
Type: Manufacturer
Year of Establish: 1979
Industry: Toys, Parts & Accessories

Nothing indicates that Cheng Ching Toys is still in operation, nor have I been able to find a company website. Based on what I’m seeing of the other vintage Cheng Ching battery-operated toys, I would estimate this toy plastic sax to be circa 1980s. 

If anyone knows anything more about this, please feel free to drop me an email.

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