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No Name Tin Sax

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Source: vinylhighway

There is nothing really remarkable about this little, saxophone-shaped blow accordion that appeared on eBay in fall of 2012…… Except perhaps that it still has its mouthpiece and all of its keys attached. Unfortunately the seller didn’t have any knowledge of the instrument’s history, nor is the country of origin stamped anywhere on the horn. (Although I’m thinking it’s most likely European.)

The mouthpiece reminds me of the wooden mouthpieces we see on the Haro blow accordions from Czechoslovakia.

 Source: vinylhighway

It was in the spring of 2011, that I first saw the same mystery brand of metal, saxophone-shaped blow accordion. That seller too didn’t have any information about the instrument he/she was selling. However, they did state that the little tin sax was 13″ in length, which would make it 5″ shorter than the Haro that it so closely resembles.


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