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Haschuphon, vintage German tin toy, saxophone-shaped, vintage noisemaker
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This Haschuphon is yet another German-made noisemaker that appeared on eBay. Until this particular one appeared I don’t recall seeing one before. I also don’t recall seeing one listed in any of the trade catalogue pages that I have either. 

This Haschuphon is similar to the other German noisemakers that I have in this section of sax-shaped “things”, namely: the Sirenephone, the Calura Jazzophon, the Luxophon, and also this tri-coloured noisemaker. However, what this one has that none of other the other ones I have seen before do, are these three buttons—meant to represent keys—that stick out of what would be the body tube if this was a real saxophone.   

Unlike some of the vintage, tin noisemakers I have catalogued in this section of my site, the Haschuphon does not have the German D.R.G.M. designation. This means that the makers of the Haschuphon did not register a copyright for their design. 

The seller describes the Haschuphon like this:

Vintage Antique Made In Germany Haschuphon Saxophone Tin Toy Noise Maker

Measures approx 4 1/2″ tall
Noisemaker not working

Stamped Made in Germany Haschuphon

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