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Due to the current COVID pandemic, I have temporarily suspended in-person lessons both in my personal studio, as well as at Matterhorn Music. Some remote lessons may be available. Use the Contact page if you are interested in finding out more. Thank you!
Stay safe everyone, and I am looking forward to seeing my students again on the other side of this.

Do you live in Abbotsford or Surrey? Are you looking for a saxophone or clarinet teacher for yourself, or for your son or daughter? I currently have a limited number of openings in my teaching schedule in both locations. 

Besides holding a master’s degree in adult education, I have been teaching music to students and adults alike for more than 20 years. I also work closely with band teachers and students in a number of school districts throughout the Fraser Valley region. Additionally, I am also a gigging musician; front my own band; and play in a number of groups in and around the region. 

The lessons in Surrey will be available at Matterhorn Music. I will be teaching there one day a week—most likely Saturdays, although that is yet to be confirmed. 

Lessons are individually tailored for a student’s playing level; needs; and interests.  

Lessons range from:

  • How to put your instrument together correctly.
  • How to form a proper embouchure.
  • How to put the reed on correctly. 
  • Breaking all the bad habits that you’ve developed.
  • Helping with school playing assignments.
  • Concert vs. jazz band styles.
  • Phrasing & articulation practice.
  • Music theory basics.
  • Different ways of improvising.
  • Advancing & getting ready for those dreaded college auditions.
  • Etc, etc. etc….

Lessons are available for: soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone saxophone, as well as Bb and bass clarinet. 

Send me an email to find out more. Please put “lesson info” into the subject line. Thanks!

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Helen & some of her horns outside of City Hall in Fredericton, New Brunswick

city hall, Fredericton, NB, fountain, saxophones, female saxophone player, bass saxophone, soprano sax, alto sax, tenor sax, baritone sax, C melody sax
Photo by Jane Breau Copyright 2004