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Sax-Shaped “Things”

While on my hunt for interesting vintage saxophones on eBay—and other on-line sources—I sometimes come across some very interesting relatives of our beloved instruments. Sometimes these relatives are long-lost cousins that were built as musical instruments. Other times they were built for adult entertainment, or as children’s toys. But one thing that these sax-shaped “things” all share, is that they were all inspired by Adolphe Sax’s most popular invention.

The pages in this section of my website are dedicated to some interesting saxophone-shaped instruments that I have stumbled across. If you have one that you’d like to share, or know of one that should be included, let me know. Thanks!

I also have a page dedicated to all the ads and catalogue pages on these sax-shaped things. The galleries are broken down by decade from 1900 – 1990. 

Blow Accordions
HarmonicaRadio, Doraphone, vintage, German, harmonica
Metal Saxophone-Shaped Toys & Instruments
Miscellaneous Materials
Plastic Saxophone-Shaped Toys & Instrument
Wind Controllers
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