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Plastic saxophone-shaped musical instruments range from cheap children’s toys, to full out electronic musical instruments. This section is dedicated to the wondrous world of plastics, and the various Sax-Shaped Things that stem from it.

Plastic Wind Controllers

Casio Digital Horn

Plastic Electronic Toy Saxophones

Boom Blasters Toy Sax Cheng Ching Blue & White Toy Sax Hohner Electronic Toy Sax
Micro Jammer SaxSax-A-BoomSaxxy™ KAZOO
Nasta Super Sax Kawasaki Mini Boom Sax Super Saxophone

Plastic Toy Saxophones - Batteries Not Required

10 Colored Key SaxophoneAntonelli Toy SaxAvril Toy Sax
Black Plastic Toy SaxBlue Plastic Toy Sax & Clarinet
Duperite Toy SaxEmenee Toy Sax
Harmotone Toy SaxHarmotone, toy saxophone, plastic, vintageHohner Kinder Saxophon
Klinenthaler Toy SaxMagnus Toy Sax
Proll-O-Tone Toy SaxesSax Zoo
Soviet Toy Sax
Spec-Toy SaxesSpike Jones Toy SaxSuper Saxophone
West German Toy Blown Accordion