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East German Blow Accordion

East German Blow Accordion

East German blow accordion, saxophone-shaped musical instrument, vintage musical instrument from the DDR
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This East German blow accordion appeared on the German eBay site in September 2014. It does bear a striking resemblance to the Klingenthaler Toy Sax made by VEB Aschberg Musikspielwaren in Klingenthal. However, this real instrument is not nearly in as nice a condition as the toy version.

The seller stated that this East German blow accordion was discovered during the dissolution of a household, and that the instrument was 40cm long. Interestingly enough, that is 6cm longer than the Klingenthaler Toy Sax noted above.

In case anyone is interested, yes this East German blow accordion did indeed sell—but not for a lot. It fetched €11.61 on eBay. Personally, I wouldn’t have even paid that, unless I had a blow accordion that was in otherwise good shape, but sans mouthpiece. For example, like this one, or this one.


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