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Vintage Saxes

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I make no secret of my preference for vintage saxes. This section of my website is dedicated to the great horns of the past, that thanks to many players, are enjoying their time in the lime light once again.

Also included in this section of my website is a category I call Sax-Shaped “Things”. These items range from simple, vintage whistles, to modern EWIs, to everything in between. Little did I know when I started collecting images of these items, that these pages would become among the most popular on my site. Nor did I expect to receive emails from people who thought I was an expert on vintage, European blow accordions, and wind-up saxophones.

Like many sections of my site, this too is a work in progress. I will be populating it with content as time permits.

American-Made Saxes

European-Made Saxes

Is It A C Mel Or A Tenor?

Stencil Saxes

Sax-Shaped “Things”

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