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Concerto with Virtuor

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Concerto with Virtuor

Concerto with Virtuor Alto

Serial #: 51XX
Finish: Silver plate

Source: Helen Kahlke

In 2000, Ray Turner from Kelowna, British Columbia, bought a C. Jeuffroy alto sax in a music store in Victoria, British Columbia. I’m wondering if this sax was lacquered after the fact, because this is the only lacquered Pierret of this vintage I’ve ever seen.

Concerto with Virtuor Alto

Serial #: 53XX
Finish: Lacquer

Source: Ray Turner

Stephen Doyle, formerly from Winnipeg, Manitoba, found a C. Jeuffroy alto sax identical to mine in a music store in Winnipeg in the summer of 2005. The store wanted about $380 for the horn, which needed an overhaul, and was missing a key. He decided to pass on the horn.

In an odd coincidence, I received an email from the Whyte Ridge Music Centre in Winnipeg in March, 2009. The owner explained that the Pierret saxophone, complete with its missing front F key, was stolen from his store, along with a number of high-priced instruments.

I wrote a weblog article about the theft, in hopes of getting the word out. To my knowledge, this horn has never been recovered.

Concerto with Virtuor Alto

Serial #: 4117
Finish: Silver plate

Source: Stephen Doyle

Concerto with Virtuor Alto

Serial #: ?
Finish: Silver plate


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