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Klingsor Tenor

Klingsor Tenor

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Horn Specs:

  • Manufacturer: Hammerschmidt
  • Model: Klingsor
  • Serial #: 035XX
  • Finish: Silver plated with gold wash bell
  • Features: Full pearl treatment on all key touches; acrylic key guards; high F# key; extra trill keys for G#, high D#; & a Fork Eb

If ever there was a vintage sax of mine worthy of a restoration: this would be it. This once proud saxophone has definitely seen better days. After hanging on the wall of a café in The Netherlands for years, it was rescued, but unfortunately at some point during its 50+ year history lost its original neck. This Klingsor tenor was made by the Hammerschmidt company in Burgau, West Germany. Based on when others like this were made, it was most likely manufactured in the late 1950s.

The original acrylic key guards are intact, and in excellent condition. The silver plate is well… spotty in places, but the gold wash treatment in the bell still shines. The mother of pearl key touches unfortunately have been severely discoloured due to the all smoke it would have been exposed to over the years of hanging in the café. However, this adds to the horn’s overall patina.

This sax will be going to Sarge at World Wide Sax for a rebuild in 2010. Sarge has already seen the horn, and we’ve already discussed neck and rebuild options for it. I am currently deciding which direction I should go with regards to a neck, and which avenue to pursue. Once I have made a decision about the neck, then I will make arrangements to have the horn added to Sarge’s work queue. Consider these photos “the before” shots. It will not look like this a year from now.

If you’d like to see the photos in this slide show in still format, you can find them on the Klingsor Tenors page of my site.

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