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J’Élle Stainer Bass Saxophone

J’Élle Stainer Bass Saxophone

This J’Élle Stainer Bass Saxophone was something I first noticed back around 2009, when a couple of them popped up for sale on eBay after one of the large music tradeshows. (Not 100% sure anymore if it was Musikmesse, but I believe it might have been.) To this day these horns still show up on the the old J’Élle Stainer site:

Source: J’Élle Stainer website Used With Permission

Unfortunately there is no write up provided for these horns. The only information we can find on the J’Élle Stainer website is on a chart, which shows the following:


Model: SAX226J

Key: Bb

Key Range: one octave below tenor sax

Written range low/high notes: Bb3/F#6 

Sounding range low/high notes: Ab1/E4

The two horns shown are in two different finishes:



Jinbao-made J’Élle Stainer bass saxophones

If you have spent anytime at all looking at modern or new bass saxophones, these basses should immediately look familiar. They are stencil saxophones from the Jinbao company, which makes Selmer-style, AKA short-wrap, bass saxophones under a plethora of names ranging from A to Z—literally.

I know a number of a number of companies that have stated that theirs are not simply Jinbao-made horns, but rather “customized” versions made to their exacting specifications. Are these J’Élle Stainer bass saxophones such customized Jinbao horns? I don’t know. I also don’t know if these are currently available. 

Make sure you also check out the J’Élle Stainer low A French Wrap bass saxophone page. See what you think. Are these the same horn? I have included some side by side photos for you to compare/contrast.

Want more info on these J’Élle Stainer bass saxophones? 

If you are in the market for a new bass saxophone and want to know if these J’Élle Stainer bass saxophones are available for order, make sure you contact the company directly. They could also likely answer what—if anything—is different than on a simple Jinbao-made bass. What customizations did J’Élle Stainer order?

I would do so through their new website however, or one of their social media accounts. I am not sure who (anyone?) monitors the emails coming into their old website. My emails to them went unanswered when I used it.

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