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10 Colored Key Saxophone

10 Colored Key Saxophone

10 Colored Key Saxophone, toy saxophone, plastic sax shape thing, made in Taiwan, red and pale yellow plastic sax with color coded keys, in original box
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Under the category of: WTF was Helen thinking including this? Yah, I know, I almost didn’t. But the seller claimed it was vintage, and when I tried to find out more about it, I found nothing. Part of the problem is, the manufacturer is not identified on the packaging. 

The seller describes this toy as NIB, which I assume means New In Box. It certainly appears new. I also can’t imagine that the plastic is going to hold up well if taken apart and reassembled repeatedly. 

In their eBay ad, this plastic sax shaped toy was described like this:

Vintage NIB 10 Colored Key SAXOPHONE Musical Instrument for Kids Taiwan ST-178. I do not know the age of the item or the manufacturer, it is not on the box anywhere. Condition is New, see photos.

If I absolutely, positively had to guess its age, I would say maybe the 1990s or early 2000s. This estimate is based entirely on the packaging.  However, given this 10 Colored Key Saxophone’s origins, one would have to be an expert in packaging and marketing to truly be able analyze the images, and provide a better guesstimate of its age.

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