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Curved Soprano Case

Curved Soprano Case

When I bought my curved Pan American soprano, it came in its original case. The case was not in bad shape, but because I was using the horn regularly in a band I was playing in, I wanted to give it a bit more protection than those old 1920s cases provided.

I remembered reading a posting on Sax On The Web, where someone said that they had made their own case for their vintage curvy. That person used an aluminium tool briefcase, some foam, and some fabric.

This is my version of such a custom case.

tool case, replacement curved soprano sax case

Here in Canada, I’ve found these tool briefcases at both Canadian Tire and at Walmart.

I drew out an outline of the sax, the mouthpiece, and a reed case on some waffle foam, and cut it out. Then I did the same again for the top. I then covered the foam with a purple velvet.

It was a nice afternoon project, and it cost A LOT less than the custom case I had made for my bass!

tool case, replacement curved soprano sax case, vintage curved soprano saxophone

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