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Julius Keilwerth Saxophone

The Toneking model is the best selling model of saxophone from Julius Keilwerth. It has all the attributes and fulfils every wish in respect of sound quality, pureness of sound and intonation that a professional saxophonist can desire of his instrument. Available are the Eb alto and Bb tenor keyed from low Bb to high F, or at extra cost, keyed from low Bb to high F#.
Accessories included at no extra cost: Mouthpiece, Neck strap, pull through, and cork grease.

Bb Soprano Eb Alto Bb Tenor
Gold lacquered No. 5 No. 10 No. 16
Gold lacquered body, keys nickel plated No. 6 No. 11 No. 17
Silver or nickel plated No. 7 No. 12 No. 18
Extra cost for extended range to high F# No. 14 No. 20
Case, plush lined No. 9 No. 15 No. 21

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