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Olds Stencil Saxes

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Olds Stencil Saxes

To date I only seen 3 models of saxes that the F.E. Olds & Sons company had stencilled by Pierret. The Parisian, the Ambassador, and the Parisian Ambassador shared a number of features, but over all the Parisian is viewed as the more professional of the 3 models. It was modelled after Pierret’s Competition model saxophone.

My Pierret gallery contains examples of all 3 Olds stencil saxes, as well as a contrast/comparison of the Parisian and the Parisian Ambassador, by well known sax repair tech Kim Slava, AKA Doctor Sax.

Parisian Ambassador

Be sure to check the Pierret Gallery on Bassic Sax Pix. Any new Olds stencil sax photos I come across while be uploaded to there. (And there are quite a few.)

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