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German Hohner Saxophone Brochure

German Hohner Saxophone Brochure

German Hohner Saxophone Brochure, Hohner President, tenor sax, 1958, vintage brochureIn early 2016, I noticed a European dealer on eBay selling some vintage Hohner musical instrument pamphlets. Among them was a German Hohner President saxophone brochure. It was a brochure that I was somewhat familiar with, since I’d seen a similar one pop up in an eBay auction for a Hohner President alto sax a few months earlier.

My curiosity got the better of me, so I purchased the vintage Hohner President saxophone brochure, and waited eagerly for it to arrive from Romania. In just under two weeks I received a minty, informational brochure that was dated November, 1958. I couldn’t believe the amazing condition it was in! It appears to have been opened only a few times, and not handled much at all.

I gently scanned the brochure, and then carefully put it away inside a plastic sleeve alongside the rest of my other vintage music brochures.

The whole point behind getting the brochure was to increase the information base of the Hohner President section here on my website. I think that this brochure does this quite nicely. It is an interesting contrast to much-older brochure that has been on my site for years, which shows very different features on these Max Keilwerth-designed, German saxophones.

If you are an owner of a President, I hope you find the information in this German Hohner saxophone brochure an interesting bit of history about your horn. If you are shopping around for a President, some of this info might be useful when trying to determine what’s original, or not, on a horn you’re considering purchasing. If you’re a vintage horn aficionado, this might just float your boat because you like gathering info on vintage brands.

Regardless what your interest in Hohner President saxophones is, I hope you enjoy these images, and the translations that I have provided for all you non-German readers.

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President Tenor Saxophone
President Alto Saxophone
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