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Unfortunately there is no date of publication provided anywhere in this brochure. However, in all likelihood this promotional pamphlet is from the early 1950s. Read page 2 for a detailed explanation why I believe this is the case.

Please see page 2 for a full discussion of:

  • The neck* and bow** guard differences between the illustrated Hohner President saxophones, and those that we commonly see;
  • The lack of the round, front-mounted, thumb screw for tightening the neck. This screw is associated with Hohner’s legally protected—”gesetzlich geschützten” in German—double socket neck;
  • The presence of the G# trill key and what that tells us about the age of the horn illustrated and;
  • The finish options mentioned in this brochure.

*This is what a typical alto neck guard looks like on all the Hohner President saxophones that I have seen until now. This guard looks very similar in alto #24XX and #15063. (The oldest and the newest horns in my Hohner Alto Gallery.)

**While indeed the tenor illustrated in this brochure has an unusual bow guard, this alto below has the bow guard commonly associated with Hohner President saxophones. Here is the bow guard of my alto, serial number 48XX, circa 1955, for comparison.

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