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The Bassic Sax Blog is an original. Its roots can be traced back to 2004, when it started as the "News" section of the Bassic Sax website. No matter what saxophone-related info you're looking for, there is a good chance you'll find something here among the 2,000+ articles that make up The Bassic Sax Blog.

Who & What

This blog is the magazine portion of the Bassic Sax website belonging to saxophonist and former teacher, Helen Kahlke. It is a culmination of over 20 years of work, and involves quite a few people....

Vintage Saxes & Obscure Brands

Helen has a somewhat sizeable collection of vintage saxophones, and many of them them are quite obscure. If you would like to check them out, you can see them for yourself on her website. If...

Questions & Suggestions

Questions If you’ve got a saxophone question, and 1. You’ve either had no luck researching the answer yourself,  2. The answers you’ve gotten make no sense to you, or 3. You’re not even sure where...

Vintage American Bass Saxes: Resources

Background When I first got my first bass saxophone in October 2000, things were A LOT different in the saxophone landscape: The bass saxophone renaissance …

It is all about the bass

Vintage American Bass Saxes: Resources

Background When I first got my first bass saxophone in October 2000, things were A LOT different in the saxophone landscape: The bass saxophone renaissance... Read More "Vintage American Bass Saxes: Resources"

Keilwerth SX90 bass sax for sale in UK

If you live in the EU and are looking for a bass saxophone, then Vintage Saxophones has what I would suggest to you, is one... Read More "Keilwerth SX90 bass sax for sale in UK"

Chinese bass sax name recap & update

I admit I have been rather neglectful about keeping my Series about the Chinese bass saxes by Jinyin and Jinbao up to date. In my... Read More "Chinese bass sax name recap & update"

Couf Bass Gets Mini Overhaul

When I played what is now my Couf bass for the first time in February, I recognized immediately that it had not been in the... Read More "Couf Bass Gets Mini Overhaul"

Bye Bye Buescher Bass, Bye Bye

The end of an era It was a month ago that I said good-bye to my friend of more than 20 years. My website's original... Read More "Bye Bye Buescher Bass, Bye Bye"

Update: Compare/contrast 7 Orsi bass saxes

I was texting with a new bass sax buddy the other day, and he brought a couple of Orsi bass saxophones to my attention that... Read More "Update: Compare/contrast 7 Orsi bass saxes"

Bass Saxophone Patent CN101409069A

For years my website has been one of the few where you could find detailed information about the new, Asian-made bass saxophones. Well today I... Read More "Bass Saxophone Patent CN101409069A"

Compare/contrast 5 Orsi bass saxophones

It has been a long while since I've written anything about bass saxophones, so when I saw this Orsi bass sax on eBay a couple... Read More "Compare/contrast 5 Orsi bass saxophones"

Vintage: My personal favorite type of horn

Like sax? Saxophone collectibles for everyone

Tis the season: Order yours now

What am I referring to? It am of course referring to ugly saxophone Christmas sweaters. Intelligent people are ordering them now for the best selection.... Read More "Tis the season: Order yours now"

Picassso-inspired, glass sax sculpture

I am not sure when I originally saw this Picasso-inspired, glass sax sculpture on etsy, but it was a little while ago. What caught my... Read More "Picassso-inspired, glass sax sculpture"

Sax-shaped “things” gets major update

Sax-shaped "things": One of the most popular sections of my website For years now one of the most popular sections of my website has been... Read More "Sax-shaped “things” gets major update"

Saxy kitsch: Christmas 2021 edition

It wouldn't be Christmas without a healthy dose of kitsch decorating up our homes. Now while some of us are happy with us just a... Read More "Saxy kitsch: Christmas 2021 edition"

Have you got a steampunk sax yet?

After a couple of weeks of working on the site updates necessitated by: 1. Time, and 2. The new theme I purchased for this site,... Read More "Have you got a steampunk sax yet?"

Sax-shaped Metal Tobacco & Pot Pipes… Huh?

Over the years I have written numerous articles illustrating how the saxophone's iconic image is used in everything from advertising to high art. Well today's... Read More "Sax-shaped Metal Tobacco & Pot Pipes… Huh?"

Artsy, saxy, sexy C mel pic

A few weeks ago a SOTW Facebook discussion degenerated into middle school-level conversation, after someone posted the following vintage photo. Now let me state upfront... Read More "Artsy, saxy, sexy C mel pic"

How To Make Your Own Ugly Saxophone Christmas Sweater

The trend is not going out of style, and every year more ugly Christmas sweaters get shipped out and make their way into gift boxes;... Read More "How To Make Your Own Ugly Saxophone Christmas Sweater"


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