Happy Canada Day 2015

Canada Day 2015, Canadian flag, flag pole, Canadian flag flapping in the wind, White Rock BC,

The Canada flag on the board walk in White Rock, BC. Photo taken June 26, 2015. Photography by: Helen Kahlke.

I can’t believe it’s already July 1. The year has just flown by, and here we are celebrating yet another Canada Day.

Wherever you are, whether in the country or abroad, have a safe and very happy Canada Day 2015!

If you are in my part of the world, and would like to see some live entertainment, there are lots of offerings. Personally I’ll be playing with Cascadia in two venues today. The first is in Mission in the bandstand at Heritage Park. Our show starts at 1:00pm and runs for an hour. Our second performance will be in Chilliwack at 10:00pm. We will be providing the musical background for the fireworks at Townsend Park. A full listing of the events for both communities is available on their respective facebook page and website – Mission and Chilliwack.

Let’s get out and celebrate Canada’s 148th birthday with lots of music, entertainment, and of course fireworks. Be well, and be safe.

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Mark VI Was Sold For Scrap Metal!

alto sax, Selmer Mark VI alto saxophone, Mark VI was sold for scrap metal

Mark VI Alto, Source: Randy Cole on eBay.com

Many of us have been there: a concern that our beloved instruments might be stolen from us by unscrupulous thieves. For a musician there is perhaps nothing as depressing as having that concern realized.

Now why people steal others’ stuff is of course quite complicated, and often related to a need to feed an addiction of one kind or another. The stolen objects are often pawned, advertised through online sites like Craigslist, or sold for pennies on the dollar through street vendors in major urban centers.

When it comes to musical instruments, they don’t have nearly the same mass appeal as smaller trinkets or home electronics, so a thief might need to resort to more extreme means to dispose of them. Case in point, the disposition of a Selmer Mark VI that was sold for scrap metal in Forks Township, Northampton County, Pennsylvania.

According to an article in the June 26, 2015 edition of lehighvalleylive.com, two thieves broke into a numerous homes and stole approximately $20,000 worth of stuff. Included in those thefts was a Selmer Mark VI saxophone, which was apparently valued at $8,000.

Mark VI Was Sold For Scrap Metal

While the thieves might have pawned the jewellery, the 23-year-old female thief, Jessica Christian, admitted to selling the Selmer for scrap metal. :evil:

I don’t know about you, but the thought of having any of my babies sold for scrap metal is worse than the thought of having them in the hands in another musician. My instruments are insured, and as much as I don’t want any of them stolen, if they were being used by someone, at least they would still being making music, as opposed to turned into something like this…

brass dogs, borzoi, wind hounds, sight hounds, dog sculptures
Source: jacmitc on eBay.com

Or this…

brass water shut-off, plumbing supplies, pipe shut-off
Source: dwayne on eBay.com

Or even worse, something like this…

Brass shell casings, Luger 9mm shell casings, used shell casings
Source: ArtifactsNRelics on etsy.com

There’s no word on what the scrap metal dealer did with the Selmer. I don’t imagine that he/she was stupid enough to crush it.

The Internet makes it impossible for anyone to not know what they have on their hands. I wonder if it ended up for sale on eBay, Craigslist, or some other classified listing.  :scratch:

…this is just my blog. My “real” website is www.bassic-sax.info. If you’re looking for sax info, you should check it out too.There’s lots there!