Happy Thanksgiving 2014: American Style

Since yesterday was the busiest travel day of the year, I’m assuming at least some of you who frequent my website ended up in the travel mayhem that ensues during this time of year.

Whether you had to endure airport lines or border line-ups; body scans or body cavity searches; or just the simple family travel with the inevitable question: Are we there yet?, I wish all of you celebrating today a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving wallpaper, turkey, scarecrow, jack-o-lantern, Christmas lights, santa suitSource: wallberry.net

And just think, tomorrow you get to reward yourself with a trip to emerg after you’ve gotten trampled, beaten, knifed, or perhaps even shot, at the Black Friday sales. Aren’t holidays relaxing, and a fabulous why to spend time with the family? :tongueincheek: And just think, in four weeks we get to do it all over again. :roflmao:

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1920s Music Suggestions Needed

Looking for music suggestions from the sax-happy 1920s

saxophone, curved soprano sax, 1920s vintage sax, music suggestions for 1920s soprano sax,I’ve been asked to put on a performance early in the New Year demonstrating some of my vintage saxophone collection. ATM I’m trying to decide which many vintage horns to pick out, and what music to play with them.

Call me crazy, but I’ve decided to try to play music that was originally popular during the decade a particular saxophone was built. So for example for Take 5, I’ll be using my 1962 Hohner President alto, complete with a period/style-correct mouthpiece and reed combo, which will make it as easy as possible to achieve that dark (core tone present) sound that the tune is known for. Having different mouthpieces on the horns will also make it possible for me to quickly switch between horns without having to tune during the 1-hour long performance.

Right now the problem I’m having is trying to decide what to play with my numerous 1920s saxophones. There are a quite a few of my horns that were all built during the sax-happy ‘20s—a number of them are ones I need to play during this performance.

frog with question mark, green frog,

What kinds of saxophones from the 1920s do I need music suggestions for?

Specifically, the saxes in question include my: Buescher bass, Conn C melody, and Pan American curvy (image included in this post). It is for these horns that I’m looking for music suggestions for.

My backup will consist of a duo: piano, drums/vibes. So while Hot Jazz would be great, I don’t have the instrumentation to do a true Trad jazz band.

At this point I am open to any and all song suggestions. Please list the name of the performing artist, and the song title.

Oh, and I’m also interested in perhaps finding something I could perform on my 1886 Buffet HP baritone. Nothing too complicated however, since I am not anywhere near a master of the dual octave keys. At this point I’m leaning towards a military march perhaps.

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Saxy Christmas Kitsch

Saxy Christmas kitsch: is it really that time already?

We were with friends the other night, and as we were looking at the December calendar planning our next evening together, I came to the realization that Christmas is only 5 weeks away. :hair:   How did that happen? Where did 2014 go?

This would explain the sudden explosion of Christmas gifts, kitsch, and other stuff targeting the consumer that is everywhere from stores, to TV, to newspapers, to radio, to the Internet. Even eBay has gotten into holiday shopping mode already. On their homepage they’ve placed a large banner ad that alternates with other features ads, as well as a drawing of a mitten, along with the words “Shop Gifts”.

Ah yes, with all this Christmas cheer floating around, I couldn’t help myself, I just had to look and see what the latest in saxy Christmas kitsch was. Surprisingly—or maybe not so surprisingly—this year’s early saxy Christmas kitsch was very similar to what we’ve seen in the past.

The new and improved Bassic Sax Kitsch Scale

All this Christmas kitsch made me revisit my original Bassic Sax Kitsch Scale that I developed in 2011. Yesterday I thought about how I could improve on this basic scale, and make it more informative.

Today I’m proud to unveil the new, illustrated Bassic Sax Kitsch Scale. With its easy-to-follow explanations, and clear illustrative examples, this chart will easily help you decide if what you are holding in your hands is truly a work of art, or simple a piece of kitsch. :tongueincheek:

kitsch, kitsch scale, The Bassic Sax Illustrated Kitsch Scale

To show you how simple this chart is to use, I’ve chosen a random saxophone collectible currently for sale on eBay… This plastic Christmas decoration in the shape of a saxophone with an elf in the bell. (The word plastic gives it away as Extreme Kitsch, not to mention, it happens to be the object I chose to illustrate the Extreme Kitsch box.) ;)

plastic holiday decoration, saxophone Christmas decoration, mid-century Christmas decor, saxy Christmas kitschSource: keltool on eBay.com

Ah yes, it’s hard to believe how your home could look more festive. This bit of saxy Christmas kitsch is sure to make any room in your house the centre of attention. The way the elf’s paint is worn off due to age and/or use draws a person’s eye immediately.

plastic holiday decoration, saxophone Christmas decoration, elf, mid-century Christmas decor, saxy Christmas kitschSource: keltool on eBay.com

And why wouldn’t the owner of such a fabulous piece of saxy Christmas kitsch use it year, after year, after year, after year? … In the words of Billy Crystal, it simply looks mahvelous….

BTW, this is how the seller describes this bit of saxy Christmas kitsch:

For your consideration is a vintage mid century plastic Christmas decoration. It is in the shape of a saxophone with an elf on it. It measures 13″x 4″ x 7″ and is made out of plastic. . Condition: very good; there are areas where the paint has come off ( see pics) from a smoke free home & thanks for looking.

If you live in a big city—remember, that is a criteria for this to be trendy   :tongueincheek:   —and you want to sax up your holidays with this bit of vintage Christmas kitsch, you only have until tomorrow night to get your bids in. The auction for this bit of saxy Christmas kitsch ends on November 20, with bids to start at $9.98. There had been no bids yet at the time of writing.

…this is just my blog. My “real” website is www.bassic-sax.info. If you’re looking for sax info, you should check it out too.There’s lots there!