The Mechanics Of The Music

One thing I love to do is check out what people are posting in Flickr under the tags: saxophone and sax. More often than not the photos are crap, or don’t contain saxophones at all. Every once in a while however, I happen across an incredible image, like today’s by Neil Moralee titled, The mechanics of the music.

The mechanics of the music.

Music Shop window shot, Cockermouth Cumbria, UK.

The mechanics of the music, saxophone, sax neck, octave key, alto sax

Photography by: Neil Moralee  Source: Flickr

Besides being a fantastic photo, what fascinated me about this shot was that it was taken through a store window. I am wondering how this was possible.

What’s even more intriguing to me is that this shot was taken with the same model camera that I use for my light box photography: a Panasonic Lumix LX-7. Obviously Moralee used a tripod, but I’m wondering what he did with his processing either in-camera, or with his Adobe Photoshop Lightroom software, to produce such an amazing image. (I’ve optimized it slightly for my website, so check it out on Flickr to see the true image.)

Sure my saxophone shots are nice enough, but my artsy sax shots are nothing like what Moralee shoots.

Neil Moralee’s, The mechanics of the music, reminds me of the kind of photos I’ve seen taken by my former keyboard player, multi-award winning photographer Jason Brown. Jason’s photos are some of the most brilliant photographs that I have ever seen. He can make a shot of gum stuck to the sidewalk look fantastically artistic—and that’s no hyperbole.

I know I will never have the photographic genius of Jason, but I would gladly settle for being able to take photos that are truly tack sharp. Maybe one day I’ll get there. It’s clearly still a work in progress.  :headbang:

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Happy Thanksgiving 2014 Canada

Ah yes, the Canadian Thanksgiving Day long weekend is upon us. If anyone didn’t know this and tried to drive on the highways in or around Metro Vancouver; take one of the BC Ferries to an island off the coast; or cross the Canada/US border, you quickly discovered that traffic was an absolute nightmare.

I can only assume that this type of holiday long weekend mayhem played itself out in most major cities in Canada.

10hospitalsAs I’m typing this, I hear ambulance and fire truck sirens in the distance… Likely on the highway. Sounds like someone’s holiday long weekend didn’t quite turn out as planned…

So wherever you are this Thanksgiving Day long weekend, please enjoy it safely with family and friends as you drive safely and stay off your handhelds.

Let’s enjoy the remainder of the 2014 holidays, by making sure we’re around for 2015.


…this is just my blog. My “real” website is If you’re looking for sax info, you should check it out too.There’s lots there!