Sax On The Brain: Photographic Proof

Sax on the brain? I don’t think so. I’ve been way to sick for that.

On Saturday I finally got the “all clear” comment on my lungs. Meaning that after more than a week of such violent coughing that my abs are still sore, the seven days of crazy-strong antibiotics seem to have done their job, and I’m over my pneumonia.

Since our Christmas party on December 21, I’ve been out of the house exactly twice: once for Christmas dinner, and the second time two days later to go to the walk-in clinic. Somehow I also managed to pick up a secondary cold virus though, which is still hanging on. (My money’s on the walk-in clinic, where I shared the waiting room for 10 minutes with 20 people, who all seemed to have a respiratory ailment of some sort!)

Although I am getting a little bit better every day, I’m still not getting over this secondary virus, which means I’m at greater risk for the H1N1 flu virus that is currently spreading like wildfire in BC. Hopefully by the time I have an appointment with my doctor on the 13th this month, I’ll be well enough to get this year’s flu shot. Until then, I likely will be staying close to home, or only venturing outside with a gov’t approved mask….  ;)

biohazard mask, US government employees, biohazard suites

Courtesy of Oak Ridge National Laboratory, U.S. Dept. of Energy

Needless to say all this homeboundness has led to a wee case of cabin fever. Furthermore being as ill as I still am, it is also not conducive to playing saxophone. Hence the last time I played was way back in December.

Finally well enough to have sax on the brain again….

Over the past three or four days, as I’ve started to feel better, and haven’t needed to sleep so much during the day, I’ve slowly started to think about saxophone-related topics again. (Although I did fall asleep for two hours while writing this article yesterday morning, so perhaps I’m not over this illness as much as I thought I was.) Sadly, my brain is still too mushy to be able to take the one profound thought that I have had, and write a proper article about it. The concept requires some logic and research on my part—skills that still illude me to a large degree.

Nonetheless, I can say that I once again suffer from what many of us suffer from: sax on the brain.

sax on the brain, glass skull, Crystal Head Vodka bottle,silver saxophone pendant, black onyx, cyrstal,

As I shake of the remnants of the bacterial infection that has resided inside my lungs and sinuses since late last year, here’s to hoping that the rest of 2014 is much healthier for all of us. They predicted this would be a bad year for viruses, so let’s try to stay healthy.

I know many of you are buried under piles of ice and snow ATM, but I hope that this cold and flu season is a mild one for you. By all accounts, the winter certainly isn’t go to be. It looks like a good season to stay indoors and do a lot of sax playing—in between rounds of snow blowing and shovelling that is!

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Saxophone-Playing Duck Leading A Deviant Pack

If you’re a regular reader of my blog articles, you likely know that I have more than three saxophones. Now by some definitions, that is a collection, although I would argue that point. That argument aside, I do admit I collect some things—most notably vintage art glass, wrist watches, borzoi artwork/figures, vintage flamingo collectibles, and rubber ducks.

Recently when we took some test shots in our light box, we took some photos of a few the members of my rubber duck family. At present there are about 100 different ducks in the family, but only a handful got to pose in front of the camera.

The Devil Ducks and the saxophone-playing duck—which was a recent eBay purchase for me—seemed like perfect props to test the lighting and camera settings for our light box. Like the Sax Pig image from earlier this month, this image too was created through my favourite HDR program: Machinery.

Three images were combined together to create…

Leader of the Pack

rubber ducks, saxophone playing rubber duck, Devil Ducks, rainbow-coloured Devil Ducks

Think of all those saxophone haters of 20s, 30s and 40s, who said that saxophone playing would lead to “cheerful murder”, or that saxophones were “immoral”, “decadent”, “life-threatening”, or “unruly”. In short, our instruments were seen by some to be deviant. Well I guess they weren’t all that wrong, were they. :devil1:

I’m sure that the Shangri-Las weren’t singing about a saxophone-playing duck in their song Leader of the Pack, but I wonder if their Leader was a sax player? :scratch:   :saxy:

Mmm… In any event, he died, so if he was in fact a sax player, the saxophone haters would not have been in mourning.  :cry:

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Bassic Sax Studios: The Latest Goings On

At the moment it’s almost like Bassic Sax Studios is currently more of a photo, rather than a music studio. Last weekend we converted our sunroom into a temporary photo studio in order to photograph some jewellery pieces for a couple of artisan friends of ours. We bought new fabric for our lightbox, and tried different light positions and settings, in order to get the best results possible.

Part of the process of getting the right light and camera settings, is of course taking a whole lot of photos. To that end, we wandered around the house and gathered a bunch of different objects together for the test shots.

Some of these shots turned out really well, and a few of them are appropriate for my website. Over the next while I’ll include those subject-appropriate photos here for your enjoyment.

I hope you enjoy the new images from Bassic Sax Studios. I have put all five of them into poster formats. For web presentation, I resized each image to 1000 px in width; optimized it; and then added the poster background.

Today’s instalment is simply called…

Sax Pig

piggy bank, silver saxophone pendant, crystal, black cord, Bassic Sax Studios,

For quite some time I’ve thought of The Bassic Sax Blog as an online version of a glossy magazine, with some interesting articles about historical and current topics of interest to saxophone players. Personally, I’m a very visual person. My favourite parts of any magazine are usually the colour photos that augment the text.

That is the format that I’ve tried to follow in The Bassic Sax Blog. The majority of my articles feature at least one image as an augmentation to the written text. Text without pictures reminds me too much of my university text books…  :sleep:

…this is just my blog. My “real” website is If you’re looking for sax info, you should check it out too.There’s lots there!