Review of a Jinyin-Made Bass Sax From China

This entry is part 25 of 25 in the series American-Designed, Asian-Made Modern Bass Sax Brand NamesJinyin-made bass sax Stencil name: Xu Qiu, but Jinyin stencilled bass saxophones for anyone who ordered them including, but certainly not limited to: International … Continue reading

New Brunswick International Bari Sax: Yup, Its A Max Keilwerth

A couple of days ago I noticed an interesting low Bb bari on eBay. It is stencilled New Brunswick International, and has the serial # 3673. Source: dosbonitas on Based on its design features, I could tell immediately that … Continue reading

Hammerschmidt Saxes With Eyebrow Key Guards

This entry is part 33 of 33 in the series Hammerschmidt SaxophonesHammerschmidt saxes with eyebrow key guards are perhaps not as uncommon as we thought My website is a virtual treasure trove of images when it comes to Hammerschmidt saxophones. … Continue reading