bass saxophone, Buescher, vintage, silver platedDo you like what you see? Please consider donating a small amount of money towards the costs of hosting & maintaining this site.

I have made the choice not to have advertising on Bassic Sax. Although this means it costs me more out-of-pocket, it also means I can keep my site purely non-commercial.

The reason I had to leave my last hosting company, was that I was getting too much traffic, and that was causing a drain on the server where my site was located. I’ve moved to a different company, and upgraded to different kind of hosting package. And yes, that means more money coming out of my pocket each year.

I have had this donation form on my website for a couple of years now, and felt that I really should now put it on the blog as well.

Tens of thousands of people visit this blog a month. (That’s not an exaggeration.) I know not everyone is going to give me a buck. However, even if 1 in 10, or 1 in 100 did, that would go a long way towards paying the bills that I racked up between the end of November, 2012, and mid January, 2013—as well as those I now have to pay going forward.

All donations are greatly appreciated, and go directly towards the costs of maintaining and hosting Bassic Sax.

Thank you.

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