Does The Mere Mention Of The Name Selmer “Bug” You?

Well if it does, here’s an album cover for you. There is just something insect-like about about the Photoshop effects applied to this vintage Selmer. It reminds me of the head of a praying mantis.


Yawiquo was released by Japan’s Sax Ruins in July 2009.

Sax Ruins was founded by drummer Yoshida Tatsuya, and alto saxophonist Ono Ryoko. This jazz rock band is the followup project to Tatsuya’s successful Ruins project, which was more rock oriented.

The jazz element of Sax Ruins is thanks in large part to saxophonist and flutist Ono Ryoko. Ryoko is a musician and composer who combines a wide variety of styles and techniques into her playing.

Here is a small sampling of her work as part of Sax Ruins.

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  1. You’d probably dig Komori Keiko’s sax work with Koenji Hyakkei (another Yoshida Tatsuya-led band) on “Angherr Shisspa” and the subsequent live shows as well. It’s more approachable than Ruins, though not necessarily better or worse.

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