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I, like many people the world over, just don’t feel like myself in the morning until I’ve had my first cup of coffee. However, this is taking caffeine addiction to a whole new level. :mrgreen:


Smooth Jazz Cafe is a series of CDs from Poland. Some of these recordings—including volume 2 illustrated above—were compiled by Marek ?Marek Nied?wiecki.

All the recordings were released on the Universal Music Polska label, and a disproportionate amount of them featured a saxophone bathing in a cup a of coffee. of what’s on each of the compilations. This list is a somewhat dated, since at least 2 other CDs have been released to date.

Here is a listing

Here’s a sampling from Smooth Jazz Cafe 2 courtesy of YouTube…

Now this album cover has given me an idea… Stay tuned… Helen’s artistic side has been awakened. :devil2:

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Helen Kahlke is a professional horn player and sax teacher who lives in Abbotsford, British Columbia. She plays soprano, alto, C melody, tenor, baritone, and bass saxophones.

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