Photos 2

Blues In Black ‘N White


Photography by M. Margison © 2009

Blues In The Night


Photography by M. Margison Digital effects by H. Kahlke © 2009

Sunday Driver

Sunday Driver

Photography by H. Kahlke © 2009

Curvy Conn Pan Am


Photography by H. Kahlke © 2009

Well Worn VI


Photography by H. Kahlke © 2009

Can You C Me Now?

Photography by H. Kahlke © 2010

Well Hung

Photography by H. Kahlke © 2010

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  1. Milling mouthpieces from plastic bar stock (usually Delrin, or at least that’s what Saxscape uses) is not unusual. I thought about going into the business myself, actually, but never completed the CNC milling machine that was required for the job.

  2. I make my own plastic reeds, using stuff I get from the dump and fashioning it with a saw and belt sanders I have. 1/16th inch Lexan is good, as are old records. Different plastics have their strengths and weaknesses. Try sheet aluminium, too. I use knives and a flat piece of wood to scrape and refine the reed’s shape by eye. Then I use my micrometers to compare side to side mesurements up and down the reed. If the reed burbles, I cut off a very little bit off the tip and retry. The price is right,and I’m happy with the sound. I also make my own mouthpieces from the various plastic dowels sold on eBay.
    This hobby is probably not for everybody,but it suits me just fine. Give it a try. JOC

    • Interesting. I have never heard of anyone who does this before. Do you happen to have any sound samples that you’ve recorded? I would be curious to see what these reeds and mouthpieces sound like.

    • Making mouthpieces from plastic bar stock isn’t strange. I’m pretty sure that’s how Saxscape does it — Delrin in their case. Apparently they like that material not just because it’s durable, but because it machines similarly to brass. Some other plastics do strange things when you try to mill them.

      BTW, new website location above. I have had problems hosting my own over a residential connection. It mostly worked, but when it didn’t it could be hard to figure out why.

  3. miss bari sax jam seshes tons, im looking for a company that creates above average straight saxophones, any links or contacts to such a company would help me much! thanks a bunch

  4. I love your site. I play Baritono Sax but i’m just learning. I’ll want to be together with you. Thanks a lot.

    PS. sorry my english. J. Alberto.

    • Hello José.

      Welcome to my website! It’s always nice to hear from another baritone saxophone player.

      I’m very happy to hear that you like my site so much.

      Don’t worry about your English, I understand what you mean.

      I hope you stop by and visit again.



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