Photos 5

“The Gig From Hell” Series

Trading 4s ‘Til Death Do Us Part

saxophone-playing figurines, moose, skeleton

Photography by Helen Kahlke © 2012

Are You Nuts? Or Is Your Screw Just Loose?

saxophone-playing figurines

Photography by Helen Kahlke © 2012

Musical Dueling To The Death

saxophone-playing figurines, skeleton, nuts & bolts

Photography by Helen Kahlke © 2012

I’m Not Nearly As “Nuts” About This Gig As I Appear To Be

saxophone-playing figurines, skeleton, nuts & bots

     Photography by Helen Kahlke © 2012

Is That A Sax In Your Pocket? Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

saxophone-playing figurines, metal, red background

Photography by Helen Kahlke © 2012

I Think We Got “Screwed” Over On This Deal

At Least We’re Not Getting Paid In Beer “Nuts”

sax-playing figurines, nuts & bolts, red, metal, silver, copper

Photography by Helen Kahlke © 2012

Death Takes Centre Stage

Photography by Helen Kahlke © 2012

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  1. Hello Bob.

    Welcome to my site.

    Thank you very much for these images, as well as the ones you emailed to me. I do very much appreciate them.

    I love to look back into time and see how the saxophone was “marketed” as it were, back in the day. I think it was much interesting than anything we have now.

    Today’s saxophone imagery tends to much more stylized, and realism in only used on the occasional album cover.

    I just spent a couple of hours in a music store today, and happened to be looking through the sheet music and books. The only time you see a saxophone on the cover, is if it’s a saxophone method or song book. Compared to the sheet music covers of yesteryear, today’s are downright bland… IMHO of course.

    I’m not suggesting that we go back to the 1920s, but the period surely had a lot going for it when it came to the promotion of our instrument. At least in the sax-happy 20s, most people knew what a saxophone was. Today… I’m not so sure. 😉 :saxy:


  3. another photo of rare sheet music from my collection

  4. Here are a couple of neat photos and sheet music you may not have seen.

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