Vintage Saxes & Obscure Brands

If you are interested in finding out more about her unusual collection of vintage saxophones, get in touch with Helen.

The photos directly above (of the bari) and below (at the Arty Awards) were taken by Jason Brown of Revival Arts Studio. If you are looking for photographer with an amazing eye, and with a gift for finding the artistic shot, he is the person you need talk to. Check out their work. It speaks for itself!


  1. Another Vito to identify. This one is a France horn and, I suspect by the bell key guard design to be a beaugnier. However, I have never seen this keywork design…looks and feels very much like a old Selmer balanced action. Good news is that it actually plays very well

  2. Good day, John here. I have an older Richmond saxophone Model# A2220.
    It would be gr8 to get any info on it.
    Thank you for your time.

  3. I have a Wolfram tenor sax does anyone have any info about this horn? The sax is in near mint condition. Thanks

  4. Brandi Leah Welsh

    I came across this saxophone, its a music House Lemmars, serial #: 2-1830, Cinncinati Oh. I don’t no anything about saxophones. Is this a good quality brand and without me having the neck or case for it what is a guesstimation of what it’s worth?

    • Hi Brandi.

      I’m going to need a lot more to go on than that one photo. I can tell you a number of things already though:

      1. It is a stencil saxophone.
      2. If it really doesn’t have a neck (as opposed to a mouthpiece—the thing you attach to the neck and blow through) it is worthless
      3. I can’t even begin to give you a price, since I don’t know who made it.
      4. Check out this page on my website. It will explain how I can help you best. It also has photos of a sax neck on it, so you can figure out if you’re really missing the neck, or if it’s the mouthpiece that this horn is missing.

  5. Charlie Carmody

    I believe I have an older Henri Lavelle that I purchased some time ago, I believe it to be a tenor. I do not play, but I love the mechanics of these instruments, hence my passion. I was debating on whether to clean and polish the instrument (which I love to do) but of course there is a camp that would take me out to the post, tie my hands, cover my head with cloth, and fire a few rounds. Anyway, the reason for this query is that while looking the instrument over, I realized the bell keys “g” I think, are located on the left side of the bell. Can anyone tell me why this is? Is this instrument for a left handed player? All the best, and thanks for your time and consideration, Charlie. Sax # A9457 from Ebay.

    • There is nothing wrong with cleaning, but try to avoid to add soap or oil to the leather pads and do not use water for screws and axis or they could rust.
      Use some ball bearing fat to grease the axis, most people use thin oil, but this will evaporate in a few years.
      Polishing should be as light as possible to avoid removing metal, which will change the sound of the instrument. Removing lacquer is accepted by most people.
      Left hand bell keys are from an older saxophone design and play the same as saxophones with right hand bell keys.
      The two last bell keys should produce sounding A and A-flat tones when closed.
      There is also a page on these saxophones from 2009:

  6. My friend has an old tenor sax with American Captain engraved on bell. Does anyone have any info. about this horns history? Also says Made In USA.

    • Hi Ted. Sorry it’s taken me a while to reply to you. I’ve been quite sick and I’m just now catching up.

      I would be happy to try and help ID the horn, but would have to see some photos of it before I can make an intelligent comment.

      You can send photos to:

  7. I am an owner of a Vintage Selmer tenor sax. I would like to know the value of it. It was made in Paris France around 1899 by Everett & Schaffer. Serial No. 20533. 18 & 20 Passage LP. It’s in great condition. Thank you for any help.

  8. Hi. Does anyone know anything about a sax brand called Montana? I have a tenor sax that was purchased used in 1970 with the word Montana and a picture on the bell and a serial number 28921 on the neck.

    I have some pictures but can’t upload them for some reason. I could email them.

    I would love to know more about this sax like where it was made and how old it is. I can’t find any reference to Montana as a manufacturer online.


  9. Howdy. I responded to Helen’s e-mail. Kohlert Modell 1929 stencil. I have a virtually identical horn in my gallery at Helen has a similar one in her gallery at Better example might be

    The main problem is that too few folks are taking pics of both sides of their horns!

    Kohlert had a G# cluster like that for a very, very brief time.

  10. What brand saxophone
    Tell me what brand of saxophone. I have a suspicion that this “Buescher”. Serial number 223888. Maybe you know what is that model of saxophone. Give the answer by email. Photo here:

    • Nope, I don’t believe that it is a Buescher. But I have seen key shapes like this before. I will have to do some research on what it might be. Pete, any ideas?

  11. jesús osuna castillo

    hola tengo un sax soprano king lion que parece ser que es de 1915 . si crees que sea interesante te puedo enviar algunas fotos del mismo.
    por otro lado me gustaria ver las fotos de tu colección ya que no pude verla en este link, espero me la puedas mostrar. saludos desde ciudad victoria ttamaulipas , méxico

  12. Hi, i’ve a klingson at home. i’m from argentina.
    my email is i can’t fin your e’mail to send all photos.

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