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Seller states:

*This is a custom made double bell saxophone. The main saxophone (we believe) is a Conn Shooting Star saxophone (the logo has worn completely). The 2nd half of the saxophone is a King 516. 
*We believe both saxophones where made in the USA. 
*Serial number: 974347
*We are not musical experts. All information is based on our best guess. 
*Please see photos of what's included 
*King 516 with Conn Shooting Star Custom Made Double Bell Saxophone USA w/ Case 
 *Custom Made Hard Wood Case
*No Brand Neck

We purchased this saxophone for the purpose to re-sale. We do not know the history of this saxophone. We believe this saxophone was custom made. We do not know by whom. The 2nd bell of the double saxophone is a King 615. We believe the other part of the saxophone is a Conn Shooting Star. The "Conn" part of the logo is gone but the stars match. The serial number is 974347. We believe both parts of the saxophone were made in the United States. There are no logo or marks on the neck. Keys move. Pads have visible wear from previous use. There are numerous scratches/nicks/scuff marks on the saxophone body and neck. These are very noticeable. There is heavy wear on the finish of the keys and saxophone body. This is very noticeable. There is visible corrosion on the keys and body. There are dark spots of discoloration on the saxophone body. While discoloration is visible, all discoloration is cosmetic only.Around the lips of the bells, there are numerous nicks in the finish. There is some light rust and tarnish in some places where the finish has worn. This is noticeable. Bells appear to be slightly warped. There are numerous small shallow dents on the bottom of bow and on the bell. We are not musical experts and are not sure how these dents effect the instrument. All the finish has worn on the neck. There are visible scratches/scuff marks on the outside case. There are some small noticeable chips in the paint on the outside of the case. Inside lining has wear from previous use. On the outside hardware, there is some visible wear on the finish. On the outside hardware, there is some visible rust. Latches work great. Saxophone and case need serious cleaning. The cork on the neck has some noticeable wear and discoloration. Does not come with mouthpiece. This saxophone has been heavily used and there is very visible wear reflecting this.

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