4M Curved Bb Soprano 244750
American Makes & Models / Conn / New Wonder / 4M Curved Bb Sopranos / 4M Curved Bb Soprano 244750
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I'm including this horn in this section rather than under the Artist/Standard series because there doesn't seem to be any substantive difference between any late-model 4Ms and this horn.
R13 Gold Plated Keywork - 96525 and 89682 - 1967/8
French Makes & Models / Buffet-Crampon (Evette & Schaeffer Cie.) S.A. / Clarinets / R13 Gold Plated Keywork - 96525 and 89682 - 1967/8
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This is a unique pair of factory gold plated silver keys golden age Buffet R13 clarinets. Bb and A, in original case. Every. Single. Thing. In the case is gold plated – the reed trimmer, the ligatures, the screwdriver. It’s deluxe. Serials are prime 96525 and 89682. Both of these just got repadded with nice cork pads. No repairs, no significant wear. These were babied. Wow do they ever play great. Asking price is cheaper than one boring new R13. Original gold plated keys R13’s from 1966-67 are extremely rare. These are the only two you are likely to see. Includes everything in the photos – the beautiful Lifton-made Buffet double case with zippered cover, two Couf Artist mouthpieces with gold plated ligatures, the works.
Eb Alto Factory Additional Keywork - 77632 - 1958
French Makes & Models / Selmer / Mark VI / Eb Alto / Eb Alto Factory Additional Keywork - 77632 - 1958
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This is an amazingly awesome vintage Selmer Mark VI alto saxophone from 1958 that features all of the possible extra keywork offered by Selmer at the time. This is called a ‘conservatory model’ historically, and has the high F#, G# trill key, forked Eb, and high E trill key all included on the same instrument! This beautiful 5-digit Selmer Mark VI is very rare and super collectible.

The finish is, of course, original silver plate. The pads are sealing well as I got it, and it plays great with a medium-dark tone that is rich and almost tenor-like in the amount of power you can get. This is the ‘early medium bow’ version of the Mark VI, which means the bell keys play the best in tune of any of the 5-digit serial Selmer altos. I play a similar Mark VI to this myself. The price includes the vintage Selmer case with crushed velvet interior as well as a BAM Softpack contoured alto case for safer shipping and easier gigging. You get both!
Eb Baritone (Low Bb) 18781
French Makes & Models / Selmer / Selmer Super Series / "Super" / Eb Baritone (Low Bb) 18781
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This is a beautiful Selmer Super Sax Baritone saxophone. It is one-of-a-kind according to Selmer’s factory record book. It is the only perma-gold plated Super baritone like this that exists. Permagold is a unique finish that is gold-colored dichromate and that does not tarnish.

If you love Selmer baritones, and you want something cool and vintage to play around on, this would be the thing. I have a very similar Radio Improved baritone myself that I play as my main bari, and I just don’t think you can beat it for tone or response. This horn has medium-old pads, but they are sealing well, so you can play it just fine as is. I’m currently working on getting a second neck for this, as I think the neck it came with might not be the right vintage. This horn plays better when I use the neck from my Radio Improved baritone (1100 serial numbers later, so pretty close) than it does with the neck it came with. Since there are so few 30’s Selmer baritones, it is hard to know exactly, but I think if i use my RI neck as a template, this horn can go from being a unique-in-the-world collectible, to being also a world-class player. It comes with a ProTec Contoured bari case, but if you want the high-end BAM baritone case, I will include one for an extra $500. Given the coolness of this horn, and the extreme rarity factor, the price is quite good I think. I certainly had to pay a lot for this myself, and I’m not making much.