MJH Kessels - Tilbourg, Netherlands
MJH Kessels - Tilbourg, Netherlands
Translated and transliterated from http://www.the-saxophone.com:

Kessels was founded in 1896 in Tilburg, The Netherlands. Kessels made award-winning brass instruments, woodwind instruments, percussion, pianos and so on.

Mathieu Kessels died in 1932 and his sons continued the factory until 1939. One of Mathieu's sons continued producing brass instruments and the other son became the manager of publishing company. In 1956 the factory was demolished.

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Erfgoed Depot Riel
Melchior DeVries
Melchior DeVries
Horn Details Seller's Blurb Make Martin Price/Date $3500 / 2016 Model Handcraft Master
"Typewriter" Finish Gold Plate Pitch Eb Alto Keyed Range Low Bb to altissimo F Serial 97478 Bell Keys Split Year 1930 Tone Holes Soldered; straight Source Link GetASax.com Octave Key Over


For sale as of May 10, 2016! Go buy it!

The Martin Typewriter is the quintessential aesthete’s saxophone. It has a unified design concept that makes it a harmonious whole like no other horn. Every key touch is a circular pearl, and there are many other little design elements to that combine to make this a striking piece. This rare example is in near mint condition with virtually no wear at all and nearly 100% original gold plate intact. It has gorgeous and extensive special engraving on the bell including a little portrait of a cabin with mountains and a lake!

Besides being rare and fabulous, this horn also has a fresh high-end overhaul and it plays amazingly well, with a sweet, lush, thick, lyrical tone that is unique to Martin saxophones. This would be the perfect alto for any kind of lyrical alto playing – big band, ballads, section playing, or even wind band. The typewriter style keywork makes it slower to get around, so this is not a main alto for a pro player who practices 4 hours a day, because then the ergonomic quirks would become troublesome, but for most kinds of players, it’s just a lot of fun.

Whether you’re a player or collector, this is a very special horn, and it should make someone very happy!

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