With so many different brands of new, Asian-made bass saxophones currently on the market, some people might be surprised to find out that until recently there were only 2 companies that make all these horns. Jinyin and Jinbao make all the cheap copies of vintage American style (long wrap) and French style (short wrap) bass saxophones that you can order with any name you want on them. Around 2019 P. Mauriat also entered the bass saxophone world with their own PM-350. It is intended to be better than the Jinbao-made short wrap, and to compete with the horn it copied: The Selmer Series II--at a better price. You can read my review of the horn to see what I think about it--and its pricing here: https://bassic-sax.info/blog/2024/review-of-p-mauriat-bass-sax/

  • Jinbao (!) Jinbao
  • Jinyin (!) Jinyin
  • P. Mauriat (!) P. Mauriat